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At Harvest Fields, we understand that a church is not a building, it's people, and every person plays a part. We believe that every person also has a purpose in God's plan for advancing His kingdom.  If you're looking for the right place to play your part, come and see if Harvest Fields is where you need to be planted. 




Harvest Fields is not a place where you can get lost in the crowd.  


Dress may be very casual, but our attitude is not.  Definitely come as you are, but don't plan on leaving that way! 


When you arrive on Sunday morning, expect to be greeted with a smile, a cup of coffee, and engaging conversation.


Children's Sunday School and Adult Bible Study begins at 9:00, and Worship begins at 10:00, with contemporary worship music and relevant Bible-based teaching.


We are an exciting new church meeting in a brand new worship center at 4280 Deatsville Hwy in Deatsville, 1 mile north of Myrick Road and just south of the Summerfield subdivision.  We also invite you to the fields, our growing sports complex and 1/2 mile walking track. 

Our Mission at Harvest Fields is to focus on God and His Bible to reach people, grow people and show people they matter through recreational ministries.


We approach this mission through:


To communicate the whole truth of God in a language that is clear to all who hear.

To cultivate authentic relationships, life-change and integrity through small groups. To model and practice hospitality. To love, serve, encourage, guide, and forgive one another in committed relationships. To be inclusive of all persons from all generations, races, and socio-economic groups that we might reflect the breadth of Christ’s Kingdom.

To affirm the responsibility of every Christian to answer Christ’s call to discipleship and to equip each to serve to advance God’s Kingdom.

To advance God’s Kingdom through missions and church planting, both locally and globally, with demonstrable expressions of the love of Christ.

To use teamwork in the planning, preparation and leading of relevant, compelling worship, employing with excellence all available arts, media, and technologies to magnify our Lord.

To minister to the needs of the whole family, especially to the spiritual nurturing of our children. To provide quality ministry to children and training for parents so that the message of Christ will be carried to future generations.

To affirm our complete dependence on God by praying together as a body and submitting to his Spirit.


We accomplish this mission while holding to the Baptist Faith and Message.


Dr. Bill Gallahair, Lead Pastor 
Dana and my hearts are drawn toward a growing population of unchurched people who need a place to connect with God in a life changing way.  God has been leading and preparing us for many years to ready us for this ministry. This foundation has only been strengthened through serving as pastor for the past two decades. The desire for church planting was further strengthened while serving as pastor of First Southern Baptist Church of Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii. The desire to reach disconnected people led to the focus of my Doctor of Ministry degree. This emphasis on missions and evangelism fueled the passion to reach out to growing communities. When we returned to the ripe harvest fields of the Autauga-Elmore area, God continued His work in our lives to prepare us to pursue the vast, rapidly growing area here.  




Dave Hicks, Co-Pastor 
As a youth pastor, worship leader, and teacher of the Gospel for more than 10 years, God has allowed me to see many lives changed. The life I have seen Him change the most is my own.  I can testify that His hand has guided me through some difficult paths of my own choosing, only to bring me back to His perfect will for my life. As a native of Millbrook, coming home to the Millbrook and Deatsville area to serve God and this community with the good news of Jesus is truly exciting! I’m a graduate of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and teach and lead worship at Harvest Fields.  My wife, Kimberley and I, and our children, Sloan and Logan, enjoy seeing God change lives across the area with engaging worship, relevant teaching, and active, FUN fellowship!



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